Friday, October 7, 2011


This month, we welcome Maureen Lovett and James Ford to the Shuckster space!

Maureen Lovett
George Binsted spent most of his adolescence and early, twenty-something years assuming he'd spend his career in the skies as a pilot. At my age, he realized he would never make a second home in the air. He had to find a new vocation.

George became a bricklayer by trade and turned the rest of his careful attention to crafting model airplanes. After his workday was over, he found his home among hundreds of opened and unopened kits, complicated instructions, airbrush paints and display shelves. Crouched over near a desk-lamp-turned companion, George has spent more than sixty years giving himself to the meticulous, repetitive care of his craft.

Here is my grandfather's model airplane, an object full of care and yet some disappointment. Likewise, here is a ship that is full of adventure but will never go to sea. Here are the epic books I haven't finished. I'm allergic to this grass. These chandeliers are covered in dust. These banners aren't hemmed. Only one of these curtains made it onto my window.

But I want all of these things - with all of their imperfections and nostalgia - to by my home. Bless this house - the real one, covered with glory and filled with defeat.

James Ford
James Ford was born in 1982 and grew up in Charlottesville, VA. He has an undergraduate degree in Film and Video from the California Institute of the Arts. He has lived in Charlottesville for the past 5 years, where he now runs the last remaining independent movie theater in town. He often DJ's in bars, at house parties, between bands, and on the radio. He has been designing concert posters and flyers for local music events since 2006. He is also an amateur music journalist and, on rare occasions, a concert organizer.

All of the images in this show were colleged together using x-acto blades, scotch tape, and color and b&w xerox machines; there were no computers involved in making this artwork.


More pictures soon!

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