Home Base Art Space

Hello, and welcome to The Shuckster, an art space with domestic roots!

In the summer of 2011, this project began as a response to a unique architectural space in our new home in Charlottesville, and turned into an opportunity to present current creative work from artists. Every month, our living room is turned into a gallery space, and we invite all to come for the food and stay for the art.

From installation work and performances, prints and sculptures, audio pieces and growing plants, this space provide opportunities for making.


Every first Friday, here at The Shuckster, we will present a duo showcase of work in whatever creative arenas the artists choose. The result will vary from experiments to fully formed series, and will be exhibited at the space and posted here.

So we hope to see you soon! Subscribe to attend our digital opening every month! First one up on August 5, 2011.