Friday, August 5, 2011


This month, we welcome Deirdre Davie and Kristin Smith to The Shuckster space!

Deirdre Davie's recent work includes photography, printmaking, installation, and performance pieces. She frequently exercises an ongoing investigation of found materials re-purposed for new expressions. This has included discarded household detritus, appropriated newspaper images, purloined office supplies, and dead animals supplied by her cats.

Deirdre worships at the temple of Robert Rauschenberg and his high priestess Sarah Sze. Like Kafka, Deirdre has a dull day job that pays the bills. 25% of profits from her sales go to the Fistule Foundation, an organization dedicated to restoring health and dignity to women injured in childbirth in underdeveloped countries.

Kristin Smith
I am based in Philadelphia and studied Printmaking at the College of William and Mary. This installation consists of watercolor and gouache paintings inspired by unfamiliar plants and animals as well as nineteenth-century infographs and botanical drawings.

The pieces in this installation illustrate surreal environments and unusual vegetation, grounded in the natural world. I like that the little nook provides a frame that allows the four pieces to function as one and be viewed in a more personal space.

More photos to come!

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